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Community Visitors Scheme

Bringing friendship to the aged and isolated

The Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) is a Federal Government initiative to establish links between people who are living in an aged care facility and their local community.

Through this scheme, Lifeline volunteers are currently visiting isolated people in seven nursing homes and four hostels on the Northern Beaches, every fortnight.

Our volunteers bring to the residents a willingness to listen to their stories, friendship, and a sense of ‘someone who cares’.

If you have a spare hour once a fortnight, do give us a call!

The more volunteers we have, the more people we can help.

If you feel you might like to be involved in this type of rewarding volunteer experience, please contact Helen Pool, our CVS Coordinator on 02 9949 5522 or

This poem, which encapsulates the spirit of our CVS work, was contributed by Helen Pook, CVS Coordinator.

A Smile

A smile costs nothing, but gives much.

It enriches those who receive, without making poorer those who give.

It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever.

None is so rich or mighty that he can get along without it, and none is so poor, but that he can be made rich by it.

A smile creates happiness in the home, fosters good will in business, and is the countersign of friendship.

It brings rest to the weary, cheer to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad, and it is nature’s best antidote for trouble.

Yet it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen, for it is something that is of no value to anyone, until it is given away.

Some people are too tired to give you a smile;

Give them one of yours, as none needs a smile so much as he who has no more to give.

- Author Unknown

Talk to Helen Pook, CVS Coordinator, at Lifeline Northern Beaches
Call 02 9949 5522 or email
(9.00am – 1.00pm, 1.30pm – 4.30pm, Mondays & Tuesdays, and 9.00am – 2.00pm Wednesdays. Please leave a message at other times)

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The photograph at the top of the page shows Edwina, one of our CVS volunteer visitors, and John, the friend that she visits.