Financial counselling

Many people go through financial difficulties at some stage, and it can be hard to see a way out. The good news is, we offer a financial counselling service to give you the specific expertise and support you need.

Financial hardship can happen to anyone

People experience financial issues for many reasons: unexpected job loss or income reduction, failure of a business, relationship breakdown, “bill shock”, or natural disaster. It doesn’t matter what age group or income bracket you fall into; no one is immune!

Whatever the cause, we are here to find a solution

Lifeline Northern Beaches has expert financial counsellors who are trained to help you understand your situation, and find a way out. Education is a key part of what we do: we believe that by empowering people to become financially knowledgeable, we can help them manage better now and in the long term.


Lifeline Northern Beaches Financial Counselling is a free service.

How we help

During financial counselling sessions, we help clients to prepare a money plan, learn more about their rights and obligations, explore their options, and discover how to voice their negotiations with creditors or other authorities.


We look at all options to try to avoid bankruptcy, and will advocate on behalf of clients when necessary. In some case we will refer clients on to legal, accounting or government services (and as a last resort, we can help complete bankruptcy papers).

How do people access our service?

We’re here to help, and there is no referral necessary to access our service. Please get in contact with us and we will see how we can assist.


Financial Counselling is free.


Interested in financial counselling?

Call us on (02) 9949-5522 to arrange a consultation or find out more.

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