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If you’d like to take charge of your situation, but you’re not quite ready for in-person support, this page is for you. We’ve gathered a collection of useful self-help tools and resources to help you ‘DIY’.


Sometimes, the best way to start getting on top of an issue is to understand it, and how it affects you. From there, there are often simple techniques you can try yourself to manage your situation – whether it’s breathing exercises to alleviate anxiety, or communication tips to deal with family conflict.


We hope you find these tools useful, and remember, if you need extra help, we have a range of other services available such as support groups, counselling and our 24-hour phone line.


Need help with something specific, or looking to read up on a particular issue? We’ve pulled together a collection of useful links and fact sheets right here. Just click to visit the page you’re interested in.

Preventing suicide


Tool Kit: Helping someone at risk of suicide

Family and relationship problems


Fact Sheet: What are Family & Relationship Problems?
Tool Kit: Domestic Violence

Loneliness and isolation


Fact Sheet: Loneliness and Isolation
Loss and Grief

Panic attacks


Tool kit: Panic Attacks
Fact Sheet: What is Help-seeking?



Fact Sheet: What is Help Seeking?

Substance abuse and addiction


Fact Sheet: What is Substance Abuse and Addiction?

Asking for help


Fact Sheet: What is Help Seeking?
Tool Kit: Men experiencing difficult times
Online Videos: Real Stories >

Useful Information from Lifeline National Office site


Lifeline reports and external documents of interest relating to crisis support, suicide prevention and mental health >
Lifeline Fact Sheets & Tool Kits >
Fact Sheet: What is Help-Seeking? >
Tool Kit: Helping someone at risk of suicide >

Financial problems


Fact sheet: What is Financial Pressure?
Tool Kit: Men experiencing difficult times

Problem gambling


Fact Sheet: What is Problem Gambling?



Tool Kit: Overcoming Stress
Fact Sheet: What is Stress?

Suicide bereavement


Booklet: Survivors of Suicide
Fact Sheet: What is Suicide Bereavement?

For more useful info, visit Lifeline’s national website here >

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