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24 Hour telephone crisis support Call 13 11 14


Useful Links

Finance & Welfare


Centre pay

Credit and Debt hotline


Dept Of Fair Trading

Energy Assistance Guide and Fact Sheets

Financial counsellors line

Financial Management Program

Housing nsw

Law access

Legal aid

Salvation Army Manly - to be advised

Link community food care

Local courts

SVDP Emergency relief - to be advised

Mortgage assistance scheme    

Pioneer clubhouse mental health - to be advised

Public schools - to be advised

Telecoms fact sheets    

Tafe - to be advised

Useful Information from Lifeline National Office site

Lifeline reports and external documents of interest relating to crisis support, suicide prevention and mental health

Lifeline Fact Sheets & Tool Kits

Fact Sheet: What is Help-Seeking?

Tool Kit: Helping someone at risk of suicide

Preventing Suicide

Tool Kit: Helping someone at risk of suicide

Asking for help

Fact Sheet: What is Help Seeking?

Tool Kit: Men experiencing difficult times

Online Videos: Real Stories

Family and Relationship Problems

Fact Sheet: What are Family & Relationship Problems?

Tool Kit: Domestic Violence

Financial Problems

Fact sheet: What is Financial Pressure?

Tool Kit: Men experiencing difficult times

Loneliness and Isolation

Fact Sheet: Loneliness and Isolation

Loss and Grief

Fact Sheet: Loss and Grief

Mental Health

Tool Kits, Self-Help Quiz, Coping Kits and Fact Sheets - covering a range of mental health issues

Panic Attacks

Tool kit: Panic Attacks

Fact Sheet: What is Help-seeking?

Problem Gambling

Fact Sheet: What is Problem Gambling?


Fact Sheet; What is Help Seeking?


Tool Kit: Overcoming Stress

Fact Sheet: What is Stress?

Substance Abuse and Addiction

Fact Sheet: What is Substance Abuse and Addiction?

Suicide Bereavement

Booklet: Survivors of Suicide

Fact Sheet: What is Suicide Bereavement?


The above is only a selective list. Further links and information – including many resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, and specific resources dedicated to Recovering After A Natural Disaster and Rural Mental Health – can be found at: