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Accidental Counsellor Training

21 December 2017

Accidental Counsellor Training

Have you ever found yourself supporting someone with a mental health issue or in a crisis situation, by accident?

The Accidental Counsellor program draws on the expertise of our organisation’s proven crisis handling skills and presents them in a 4 hour workshop. The program equips people to RECOGNISE when others are struggling, to RESPOND appropriately with confidence, and to REFER them to the best place for help.

Lifeline Nothern Beaches will be holding Accidental Counsellor training sessions on the following dates in 2018. The cost of the course is $150 per person.

Graduates of Lifeline Northern Beaches’ Accidental Counsellor program frequently reflect on how effective they find the teaching, especially the scenarios, in helping them to initiate the often-awkward conversations they have previously avoided.

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Tuesday 13th Feb 1pm-5pm

Thursday 15th Mar 1pm-5pm


Tuesday 10th Apr 6pm-10pm


Wednesday 16th May 1pm-5pm


Saturday 16th June 9am-1pm


Thursday 12th July 9am-1pm


Wednesday 15th Aug 1pm-5pm


Friday 14th Sep 9am-1pm


Saturday 20th Oct 9am-1pm


Tuesday 13th Nov 6pm-10pm


Saturday 1st Dec 9am-1pm



Corporate Packages

There has arguably never been a more challenging time to be in business and pressure to perform, reduced job security and the blurring of traditional work/life boundaries all add to the pressures on our people. 

Lifeline Northern Beaches also offers Accidental Counsellor training to businesses as a means to equip their staff to identify and resolve various issues or crisis situations when dealing with colleagues or consumers.

Building this capability in your business is a great investment. It demonstrates your commitment to helping staff build the resilience they need, and contributes to the creation of a genuinely caring culture. It’s commercially smart too. Global research has found that when employee mental health and wellness are managed well, employee engagement, creativity, innovation and productivity all increase substantially.

Lifeline can deliver this course on your premises and where relevant adapt content to to focus on any specific areas of need in your organisation.

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