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General Volunteer Application Form

Use this form to register your interest in volunteering with us

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Please complete this application form online and then click ‘SEND’ in order to submit your details. Alternatively, you can print out this form, complete it by hand, and mail it to us at:

Volunteer Registration
Lifeline Northern Beaches

PO Box 681
Balgowlah, NSW 2093

By completing and submitting this form, you are registering with us your interest in volunteering with Lifeline Northern Beaches. We welcome registrations from all who are interested in volunteering and who share our vision and values, no matter how little or how much of their time each person can make available to us.

Increasingly, our policy is to match our key roles and task needs to the volunteer/s who – by virtue of their availability, past experience, particular interests or passions – are most suited to them. We cannot guarantee you a volunteering role immediately. But we do very much appreciate your taking the time to contact us and inform us of your interest and availability. Thank you.

*an asterisk indicates a required field. You are not obliged to answer the un-asterisked questions in this form. But it would help us enormously – and would increase the likelihood of us finding volunteering opportunities for you – if you could answer as many as you can.

Your address

Telephone numbers (*please give at least one)

Availability - Times

Please give us an idea of what availability you might be able to offer us – eg. tell us if there are specific days of the week or month or times that you could be available.

Availability - Places

Volunteering opportunities with Lifeline Northern Beaches usually arise in the following locations:

  • In our Balgowlah Centre offices
  • At our book fairs
  • At our annual market day
  • In our shops
  • In our warehouse
  • At our and our partner organisations’ fundraising events
  • From home
  • Out and about in the local community

Please let us know if any of these would be of particular interest – or would definitely not be of interest.

Interests and Objectives

Our website gives a number of examples of current volunteering roles and areas of experience that we look for from time to time, (but don’t worry if you’re not a match with anything on those lists). Please tell us a little about what sort of volunteer involvement – ideally – you would be interested in, or if you have any qualifications or experience that might be of interest to us.

Thank you for completing this registration form. Please click on the ‘SEND’ button below to submit your registration. Your details will be kept in our database and we will contact you as and when appropriate volunteering opportunities become available.

  • Online Skills Survey

    Once you have registered, you are welcome to participate in our Lifeline Northern Beaches Volunteer Skills Survey. This is not obligatory. Some of the information requested duplicates information requested on this registration form. However, completing the survey form is a further means of ensuring that full details of your skills, interests and experience are kept in our volunteer database.

    Click Here to go to the survey