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Men's Anger Management Group

Men's Anger Managment & Support Group

This weekly group aims to give men the information and tools they need to identify their anger triggers, and strategies to help them manage their anger in more effective ways.

We all get angry

Anger is a normal human emotion – we all get angry from time to time.  And when it is managed properly, it is not a problem.

But if anger gets out of control, it can quickly become very destructive.

That’s when it can impact our physical and mental health, our work and careers, our leisure time - and often the very people who are most important to us and the things that are most precious to us.

Anger Management

Anger management is about understanding what is happening within the person’s mind and body and why it is happening.

It is about understanding what is behind the anger, and learning how to spot the early warning signs – the negative thought patterns that trigger temper.

And it’s about learning how to cool down and de-stress, so that potentially emotional situations don’t get out of control.

Our Support Group

Lifeline Northern Beaches’ Men’s Anger And Support Group is an informal group that enables all our participants to talk about their experiences, give voice to their feelings, and develop ways to manage.

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