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Depression Support Group

Depression is relatively common, affecting more than one million Australians each year.

It’s more than just feeling down

Depression is more than just feeling sad or down during tough times. People with depression can have intense negative feelings for weeks, months or even years, sometimes for no good reason.

Unfortunately, many people with depression don’t recognise it or get help. But, depression is treatable, and with the right treatment, most people with depression go on to lead happy, productive lives.

Learn from the experiences of others…

Lifeline Northern Beaches’ Depression Support Group is a group that provides members with practical strategies for coping with depression.

Over a six week period, in a friendly supportive atmosphere, our participants have a safe place to freely express their frustrations about life and to discuss their own situation.

Group members also learn and develop new coping strategies based on tried and proven evidence-based practices such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness techniques and Solution Focused Brief Therapy.

Being part of the group can make a big difference

Depression can lead to feelings of extreme hopelessness and an ability to function in everyday life.

Our participants find that being part of the group, sharing each others’ issues and learning from the experiences of others, really does help

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