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Financial Counselling

For those experiencing financial difficulties

Anybody can get into financial difficulty at some stage of their life and need help sorting out their issues.

Lifeline Northern Beaches’ financial counselling service offers face-to-face financial counselling for clients facing a wide array of financial problems.

Causes of financial hardship

Our clients experience financial hardship for many reasons.

The most common crisis triggers are unexpected reduction in income, unemployment, injury or illness, business failure, “bill shock”, relationship breakdown, or natural disaster.

Our clients come from all walks of life, age groups, occupations and income brackets. They are referred by telephone crisis supporters, face-to-face counsellors, social workers, creditors, doctors, solicitors, the internet, and the Australian Financial Security Authority.

Counselling, education, assistance and self-help…

Our aim is to empower the client to become financially knowledgeable and independent in a long-term sustainable manner.

To do this, we help the client prepare a money plan, learn more about their rights and obligations, explore their options, and discover how to voice their negotiations with creditors or other authorities.

Where necessary, we will advocate on behalf of clients.  We look at all options to try to avoid bankruptcy. Where appropriate we will refer clients to legal, accounting or government services or, as a last resort, help them complete their bankruptcy papers.

Education about clients’ rights and obligations is an important part of the service, and we also present community education sessions.

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